As you may know, I was incredibly fortunate to be selected as an intern for the Canadian Bar Association’s Young Lawyer’s International Internship program. If you want an idea of how awesome it was, check out the blog of my time in Kenya.

However, given the severity of cuts to International Programs, and the Canadian Government’s dismantling of the Canadian International Development Agency, the internship program that sent me to Kenya and gave me a life-changing experience has lost funding. Worse, the entire Youth International Internship program is up for review. I, and several of my colleagues, wrote a letter to the Hon. John Baird, Minister of Foreign Affairs, urging the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to continue to fund international experiences for Canadian youth. I think that would be a terrible shame both for our youth, and for Canada’s reputation abroad, to lose something like this.

You can read my letter here: JLam – IYIP Support Letter

Or, you can read a better written, more impressive letter by my colleague Gloria, at her blog.


One thought on “My Open Letter to DFAIT

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